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Stove repair

Having a broken stove can seem a like really frustrating matter, especially when you have little time or cash to call a master. But a DIY stove repair is not recommended since it does require special skills and experience. Depending on the symptoms, we will determine appropriate repair parts. Here are three most common problems that might occur to any stove.

  • Your oven won't start

Once your oven refuses to start, first we will need to examine several important parts including the surface burner element, the switches, the burner igniter, as well as the bake and broil elements.
For a successful stove repair, we will make sure the broil element is not separated and the wires are not damaged. If they are OK, we will check the broil circuit. 
If the surface burner element is to blame, its connections are to be checked for corrosion or damage.
In case the major components are in a proper working condition, perhaps the switches are defective. We will check whether the wires are faulty. 

  • Your oven does not produce (or produces very little) heat when baking

The first steps necessary to inspect when your oven produces either very little or absolutely no heat when baking, are the oven sensor and the bake element. The first one is situated near the broiler element and should be checked for any faults. The second one, meanwhile, which is responsible for the majority of the heat produced, can become separated or broken or worn out over time. If you have faced such an issue, for an effective stove repair, the damaged part is to be replaced. We may also check it to find out whether it is has burnt out. 

  • Your oven heating element does not produce heat

We can find out why the element of your oven doesn't heat by examining the surface of the burner element, the part itself, and the burner switch. Having faulty receptacles, your oven won't heat up. We check these parts for corrosion, overheating or arcing. Most often, these parts are to be replaced rather than repaired. 
These are the main parts we pay attention to when performing a stove repair.

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