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An estimate for repairs shall be given to the Customer (You) by the Service Dealer (Technician) in writing, and the Service Dealer may not charge for the work done or parts supplied in excess of the estimate without the Customer's prior consent. Where provided in writing, the Service Dealer may charge a reasonable fee for service, provided in determining the nature of malfunctions in preparation of a written estimate of repair. A written estimate provided by the Service Dealer includes estimated only costs of parts and related job labor, removal and/or reinstallation of appliance. The Customer authorizes the repair(s) in writing and agree to pay for such repair(s) upon completion of job, furthermore, if such repair requires a part order.
The Customer agrees that the deposited amount shall apply to the completion of the repair and there will be no additional trip/truck charges, but only part(s), related labor, or removal/reinstallation costs. Cancellation of the authorized repair may result in such deposit becoming partially or fully non-refundable, depending on possible restocking charges, shipping and handling and/or other related expenses. In the event of additional repair(s) required, the Customer should be contacted for authorization to cover additional charges. Unless indicated otherwise any parts replaced will be left at job site, except factory exchange, warranty parts.
Any damage incurred by our service technicians to the appliance, the surrounding cabinets, or the floor covering, when removing the appliance for repair(s) and in performing the requested service(s) is soly customer's responsibility. In the event of any leaks, scratching or other occurrences causing spoilage or damage to food, floors, cabinets, counters arising by reason of service provided as well as the removal/reinstallation of appliances or fixtures. Damages occur to any of the above described, the Customer releases the Service Dealer and the Company of any and all liability and/or claims.
All labor performed is warranted for 30 days. All materials and parts are warranted for at least 90 days. Depending on the appliance type, make and the nature of the problem materials and parts warranty may be extended for up to 5 years for or without additional cost. Warranty does not extend to fuses, filters, access valves, freon, and moving parts. Warranty will not apply if the Customer fails to contact the Company within 24 hours from the time when the warranty claim arose and/or fails to permit to perform warranty service. Warranty is limited solely to the acts, promises, representations, or omissions of the Company and not any other person, whether or not the service provided is based on the referral of such person.

The Customer agrees to pay the Company service/travel call fee in the amount of $45-85 per appliance. Furthermore, the Customer agrees to pay the Company fee of $30 for each checks returned due to insufficient funds or any other reason. In addition, the Customer agrees to pay all expenses incurred in any collection action brought against the Customer to recover unpaid bill. Expenses shall include, but not be limited to reasonable attorney's fees. Moreover, the Customer agrees that the Company retains title in all appliance equipment and materials until full payment is rendered.

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