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Refrigerator repair

A modern refrigerator, which may be useful for a rather long period of time plays an important role in the house, not only as invaluable food storage, but also as an integral part of kitchen design.  A refrigerator say a lot about the home owner as well, along with their taste.

If you notice that your refrigerator's temperature rises uncontrollably, mechanical or electronic temperature controller refuses to work, the compressor has started to work without interruption, or vice versa - not working at all, refrigerator cools too little, it is best you contact us for our master technician to visit.

In general, refrigerators fault can be divided into these three categories:

  • Malfunction of the cooling system;
  • Damage to the electric circuit;
  • Malfunction of the electronic part;

For example, if compressor motor runs constantly, but the most cooling oes not occur, the problem possibly lies with the cooling unit modules (evaporator, compressor, etc.).

If your fridge does not begin to work immediately or turns on for a short period of time while plugged in, quickly turns off, the problem may lie in the electrical circuit. Accurate diagnosis by our highly qualified technician will determine the reason of the problem, and the specialist will carry out the necessary repair of the refrigerator.

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