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Oven repair

The kitchen in the modern homes is a high tech hub of technology. Ovens, hoods, microwaves are designed to keep the house well fed while utilizing very special and complex technology. While most such appliances have self cleaning functions 
occasionally a need might arise in service or repair. 
In such unfortunate, but inevitable event we have specialists immediately available by for a consultation.  

If the urgent repair is needed, out professional technicians are available the same day to restore the full functionality of your appliances or to avoid potential break downs. 

Our specialists will make determination as to what part or service is needed to repair your oven. We strive to make the repairs as quick as possible. From the scheduling of your appointment to the specialist's visit and eventual repair, regardless of the type of components and factors involved we will make sure the services are performed accurately, properly and within the factory specified parameters and operating conditions. 

Ovens when properly installed and maintained usually last a long time. However, a mechanical fault is always possible. Your risks increase when:
-installation was done improperly or with violations of the factory standards
-maintenance is deferred
-electric or mechanical components fail

Main types of component failures may include:

  • Damage to switches, burners
  • Failure of the electronic control board, the problems with the mode selection and the temperature adjustment
  • Mechanical damage to wiring due to incorrect determination of the load on the electric grip
  • Failure of the thermostat
  • Does not turn on / turn off or no power
  • No supply of gas to the burner in the oven
  • Not heating the pre-set temperature
  • Sensor failure


Depending on the type of disruption of the electric or gas oven the need for a specific component will be determined. 

The main issue for the majority of customers is negligence at the first sign of failure. We maintain that a professional specialist has to be called immediately. 
Sometimes the owners attempt repairs by themselves, often with disastrous results. In such events it will just take longer to repair or it may even increase the cost of service of your oven.  

We highly recommend consulting with our professional at first signs of any problem.

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