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Dryer repair

Well-operating dryer is a must in a happy household. Once it gets broken, the appliance repair may seem like an overwhelming process, yet actually, it takes very little time. The toughest part perhaps is determining which part causes the problems.
Your Dryer Operates Noisily According to the statistics, customers mostly complain about a noisy operation of their appliance. 
For such cases, masters advise paying particular attention to the seals, bearings and worn belts. 
These are the parts that may need to be replaced in case of a defect.
Drum glides are an essential part of a dryer. Made of plastic, nylon or teflon, they can produce some scraping noise. The first thing you need to do when your dryer operates noisily is to inspect these glides. In a case of being worn out, your appliance repair should include a totally new set of glides.
If the dryer's drum does not rotate properly and serves as the reason the for the unpleasant noise, check the rollers. To find the latter, the drum is to be removed.
The belts of a dryer are also very essential for the proper drum rotation. During the time, they can turn hard and fragile. Replacing these belts, you are likely to bring back the normal sound of operation of your dryer.  

Your Dryer Won't Start 

If your dryer refuses to start, you will need to first check the heating element, the cycling thermostat, or the high limit thermostat. Actually, this is the second most prominent problem that occurs to 
dryers. Every dryer features a door switch that can prevent the start of the tumbling when it is closed. We Check its operation with a multi-tester.  

Most modern dryers come with heat-sensitive thermal fuses designed to prevent the appliances from overheating. This part may get damaged from high temperature yet keep the drive motor safe.
However, if the problem of your broken dryer is the drive motor, be prepared to have a more extensive appliance repair. The restoration of this part won't guarantee a long service of the appliance. Hence, you'd be better off replacing it. 

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