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Ice-maker repair

Indispensable devices of human life - ice makers - quickly came into our lives. We can say that they burst onto the scene. Restaurants, cafes, supermarkets cannot do without them. However, the pressing issue is the ice-maker repair, 
because of its high-intensity operation, the need arises to restore operability. You can say that it is easier to buy a new one. But why pay money when the repairs can cost much cheaper. If your ice maker is malfunctioning, 
you may need to seek help from professional repair services. There are certain kinds of malfunctions and types of ice-maker failures: - Ice cubes freeze together in one piece on the evaporator, defrost does not occur - perhaps this is 
programming defect or defective evaporator thermostat or solenoid valve does not work. In this case, we wil simply replace the faulty device. - Not transparent ice cubes - large amounts of calcium and lime in the system. Must perform service maintenance with decalcification, and carry out regeneration of the water softener. - Noise, whistling sound in the ice maker unit - this is likely due to the wear of the micro motor capacitor. 
We may need to replace the motor, and clean the condenser. - Ice absent, or ice cubes do not have the correct form. This coule be due to there being not enough water in the pan. - Closed valve of the inlet hose or water solenoid valve do not operate. It maybe necessary to replace the water solenoid valve, to achieve proper performance. 

  • Ice production cycle takes longer than 30 minutes. Some cubes are not the correct shape. This could be due to contamination of radiator (for air-cooled ice machines). It maybe necessary to remove the service flap or a front panel, clean the radiator with brush and blow with compressed air if it necessary. 

Of course, some may attempt the ice-maker repair by themselves, but you will lose not only time but also money. 

Not worth the risk either the one nor the other. It is highly recommended to call qualified professionals. Repair will be made  on the spot and usually same day. An experienced professoinal will not miss any details. The constant availability of spare parts and materials, mobility and efficiency guarantee a successful outcome. 

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